Evhen Artomov

Chief Executive Officer

Dear visitor, it is nice to meet You on our web-site.

If You are here – it means You have some interest in entering Ukrainian PV market, to be fair – it is better to avoid it. Ukraine is hard country, which is filled with corruption and unfair players. You will face a lot of parties that will demand money from You, so they don’t «interfere» in Your project. It is usually here, that contractor fails to make the contract and just says to You «You have no choice now». It’s not unusual, that You have an agreement with the Public authority, but then they say something like «it’s not binding», «I didn’t say that» or «I can’t help You, but here are some guys, that can and You need to pay me, so I contact them with You», and yes, legislators are unpredictable.

All of it is true, but it’s just a small part of it. Another part is that Ukraine has:

  • some really hard-working people,
  • high insolation,
  • a lot of land and a well-developed grid,
  • highest Feed-in-tariff in Europe.

Ukraine is transferring from old energy sources to the new one and it’s one of the most dynamic solar market in the world.

Why am I writing all of it? To give You an answer on another question – “Why our Company occupies first-place?” Answer is simple.

We’ve seen, that there are two sides of the Ukrainian market, just as it is in any developing country. There are risks and opportunities. But we haven’t seen a player, that will support Investors, who bring their money, time and effort, so they can avoid «the dark side of Ukraine» and, in the same time, get benefit from the great opportunities, that are here by the moment.

This is what we are concerned about. We will tell You truth, about the market, about the project, about other players and our team, but it may be unpleasant for you. We will tell You, that if You want to be successful here You need to be smart, make quick decisions, be committed, trust your partner and be careful with risks what You take.

Remember – in any case, there are risks. And if You like having 100% control over everything, You always take a lot of time to make decision, You like consulting with everyone before making a move, or You feel, what You may overplay developer in the negotiations and put all risks on him – we kindly ask You to go to another partner. We won’t work with You. I personally believe, that You will lose Your money and it’s not in our interests to be with You at this moment.

But if You are able to take quick decisions, if You like committed partners, that are able to take action and responsibility, if You definitely know, that committed and professional team is always capable of passing though the obstacles – we will be glad to work with You and will be glad to see You getting benefit from the big projects, that only our team is capable to develop.

Anyway, be aware, that there are risks and benefits in Ukraine and carefully choose Your partners, since it is basically the choice between wining the benefits and getting caught in all possible risks.

Wishing You good luck in Ukraine.