Serhii Zghurovskii

Chief Investment Officer

Dear partners,

Thank you for your interest in PV business in Ukraine and probable cooperation with us.

Here we believe, that quality of the company is determined not by beautiful pictures or words about big things, but by the ability to take personal responsibility for the processes that are entrusted to perform.

We believe that the professionalism of each member of the team is primarily the ability to take personal responsibility.

We hope that you are also ready to take personal responsibility for cooperation with us and creation of PV projects in Ukraine. BUT, if you do not feel the deep meaning of the concept of “personal responsibility” – we can`t and don`t want to deal with you.

We highly appreciate the ability to make decisions, we like to make decisions and we expect the same from you, but if you just want to talk – we are not the right partner for you.

The Ukrainian market carries a lot of risks and benefits, in truth, you always need to be ready to learn, learn a lot, because this market is different from others in the world.

If you have a trio:

  • personal responsibility;
  • ability to make decisions;
  • ability to learn and understands a lot;

Welcome to cooperation with us!

In addition to fact, that I am CIO of J&S Energy Development, I am also responsible for quality of service provided by our company.

Therefore, after our acquaintance, I will be responsible for your happiness during the entrance to Ukrainian PV market and cooperation with our company.

Since we are operation in PV industry and know Ukrainian market inside, we able to offer you effective cooperation in many areas related to PV business in Ukraine.

In particular:

  • Consider to purchase of shovel-ready (ready-to-build) projects of our company.
  • Joint development of PV projects to shovel-ready stage.
  • Using different low-risks model for purchase of shovel-ready projects.
  • EPC contract or subcontract for certain types of works by our EPC group.
  • Management of construction and commissioning of PV plants.
  • Obtaining and registration of all necessary documents (Including: PPA, FiT, License and so on).
  • Consulting services for PV projects and plants in Ukraine.

We are always glad to discuss your proposal regarding cooperation.

Actually, we are flexible in many aspects and able together with you create a convenient model of cooperation that minimizes risks and maximizes interest of all participants in a deal.

In general, we have a project`s pipeline with more than 1GW at various stages of development and construction.

Below you will find a map with some of our company’s projects.

Investors Map
15MW (AC) Project
25MW (AC) Project
5,1MW (AC) Project
Under construction.
50MW (AC) Project
Under development
5,1MW (AC) Project
Final stage of development.
15MW (AC) Project
Shovel-ready stage. 100% corporate rights for sale.
7,5MW (AC) project.
Shovel-ready stage. 100% corporate rights for sale.
120MW (AC) Project
Final stage of development.
15-30MW (AC) Project
Under development.
252MW (AC) Project.
Shovel-ready stage. 100% corporate rights for sale.
63MW (AC) Project.
Final stage of development. 100% corporate rights for sale.
252MW (AC) Product
50MW (AC) Project.