Except for the points, that were made in the CEO introduction there is one more issue, that will dramatically determine Your experience of negotiations with us.

Here are some «insights» from how we negotiate:

  • We don’t even try to prove, that we know Ukrainian market and we know what we are doing. If You have doubts about our professional level – kindly contact our colleges that You trust;
  • We don’t go for compromise in the key issues. It is usually risk/profit balance and we keep it by all means. If You want lower price – take more risks. If we take more risks – we make the price higher. It is so simple. If Your negotiations strategy is to put all risks on us – don’t waste Your time, we`ll properly check the balance and will dismiss any oral agreements You may have with any other team member;
  • We are not education company. If You need to learn about the market or You would like to just find some information on whatever issue – we have weekly updates. Anything that isn’t covered – costs money. We won’t consult You for free during the negotiations. Keep it in mind.
  • We don’t negotiate limitless time and don’t wait. If You are a big Company and You have procedures – fine, we are OK with it. But If You avoid any agreement on the road-map of negotiations, don’t provide any dates and just are in the negotiations planning to stay there for ether – just know, that in 4 months from the start we will leave them. This is our time budget for no matter how good the deal is. If we don’t sign any binding agreement in 4 months we will just leave the table.
  • We don’t know any kinds of obligations like «You said», «You promised» and so on. Until any binding agreement with specified terms is signed – we will feel free to change the price, change payments order, change « whatever we want» or sign a deal with anyone else. Just be aware of it.

If You read all of the above, and still want to negotiate some project, or You have some win-win agreements and possibilities – feel free to contact us. But again – if You expect us to be just nice and to give up any of our interest – we won’t be nice with You.

Hoping for understanding.